Computerized Torque Monitoring

Torque Control Systems may also be computerized turning the power tongs into a precision tool and allowing the client to have a “real time” visual graph make-up of every connection as well as a hard-copy printout.

Torque Control Systems

The Torque Control System will ensure that all of the connections are made up to the manufacturers recommendations as well as prevent over-torquing.

Power Thread Washers

The use of Power Thread Washers is strongly recommended when running any API or premium connection. Clean connections improve the makeup and extend the life of the threads and seal areas of both the box and pin ends.

Stab-in / Break-out Guides

Stab-in and break-out guides should be used for all premium connections. Stab-in guides protect the thread and seal areas from damage caused by missed stabs. Break-out guides will hold the pipe and help to center the connection so that the threads are less likely to hang up.

Drifts, Lift Nubbins & Pipe Handling Accessories

Discovery Services provides and has access to all of the clients pipe handling requirements.

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